Text Message Marketing Software

Our text message (SMS) marketing software is reliable, flexible, and powerful.  It’s also very easy to use and customize. Get started now for as little as $99/month!

Organizations often ask us what types of campaigns can be executed on our platform.  It would be difficult to list every possible type of functionality, but here are a few commons ones:

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

sms campaign reporting screen show text messaging activity

Detailed reports help you figure out what’s working during your SMS marketing campaigns.

Giveaways – One of the most common campaigns is a giveaway where users are asked to text in for a chance to win something.  A winner is then drawn and either texted or called back.  JA.TXT makes this process easy and even has some built-in features to prevent multiple entries and abuse of the system.

Mobile Coupons – Offering a discount as an incentive for joining a mobile club is also common.  The response message can be configured with custom promotion codes and even a link to a mobile webpage built inside JA.TXT or hosted on another site.

Email address capture – After texting in to a keyword, JA.TXT can ask users for their email address and then send them an automated email.  Clients have used this functionality to not only grow their email database through SMS, but also give customers the ability to request more information on the go and have it waiting for them in their inbox when they get back to their PC.

Zip code capture – Capturing a user’s zip code can not only enable the delivery of custom content, like the nearest store, but also update that user’s record in the database for geo-targeted SMS messages in the future.  Targeting by zip code is built into the system and easy to implement during an outgoing message announcement.

Surveys – Using JA.TXT’s session management a dialog can be opened with any user and several pieces of data can be gathered.  Responses can be added to a custom database for reporting later.

Trivia & Quizzes – Setting up separate responses for different answers, or sub-keywords, is easy.  The correct answer can be a promotion code or you can draw a winner from all correct responses.

Text-to-Screen – Popular at events, this feature allows your attendees to text comments and messages onto your stadium or projection screen.

Custom SMS Applications

Because our texting platform can handle two-way session management, or “cookies”, almost any type of custom texting application is possible.  We always enjoy helping clients come up with new ideas unique to their audience and industry.

When you’re ready to see JA.TXT and all the features available we would be happy to give you a quick online demo.